The Atomic Blast


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1. Possesed By The Devil
2. Capital Punishment
3. War In My Head
4. Thrashing Through The Pit
5. Never Surrender
6. Trigger To Apocalypse
7. Place Of No Return
8. When Bullets Drop Like Rain…
9. Nothing But Ashes Remain


released May 15, 2009

Music: S. Zoppe/ S. Stöber
Lyrics: S. Stöber


all rights reserved



ERADICATOR Lennestadt, Germany

ERADICATOR means authentic old school THRASH METAL. Inspired by the heroes of the Bay Area Thrash scene and German Teutonic ancestors, ERADICATOR forge their own unique mixture of razor sharp metal and release the brute element forces of pure THRASH METAL MADNESS! ... more

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Track Name: Possessed By The Devil
Living for the battle fighting to kill
Hail to the mighty king
Die by my sword I put you death
This is my profession

Met the witches after the fight
It's prophesied: I can be king
A little use of my skills
It's Kill or to be killed

Apparitions drive me Mad
Am I insane?
Rivers of blood paint the ground
It's Kill or to be killed

Ultimate aggression initiates my sins
'Til the final massacre's complete
Possessed by the devil haunting my sleep
Driven by my evil deeds
I Am Possessed By The Devil

Step in my way friend you'll fall
No one can stop me now
Might's my desire I'm yearning for more
Until I reign in fear

Apparitions drive me Mad
Am I insane?
Rivers of blood paint the ground
It's Kill or to be killed

Learned to fight to spread my might
A competition of power
Now that the crown is my own
It's Kill or to be killed

Repeat Chorus

Betrayed and hopeless, my armies ceased to die
Murdered my sleep, a victim of my self
Good, or evil - tyranny's been done
Head cut - vicious circle to start again

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Capital Punishment
Look at mother's ruined face; it's time to change our fate
A conflict with our world led to a deadly state
We have caused a chaos sustainable dismay
Temperature is rising, add a tropical disease
Better watch out the consequence is our decease

Sad but true - we have to pay the price
We're livin' the lie
Guilty in all points we have to die
Our Capital Punishment

The earth becomes our coffin, we'll be buried alive
Future dreams are gone; we all have to pay the price
Mother earth is ruined a battle field remains
We have to take action to stop this decay
Serious catastrophes environment fades away

Repeat Chorus

This is revenge we're left to die no one can deny
Our hopes and dreams have been destroyed
When the world is healed from its disease - humanity's defeat
Catastrophe on course

Look at what we all have done - beauty is gone
No protection from the fire
World's destruction on the run - all burned by the sun

Look at our broken planet
Nothing is left to destroy
Temperature increased
And the sun burned every form of life
Mistakes and ignorance
Introduced our decay
This is the end
Humanity - a cancer- a deadly virus ...

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